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Memphis Designs collaborated with Spartan Training Security to create a custom web design, establish their branding, and design business cards for their new business. We provided a cost-effective hosting solution, integrated Stripe for secure payments, and embedded Calendly for easy booking. Additionally, we developed three logo options and set up their business email addresses. Spartan Training Security plans to use our digital marketing services for targeted campaigns and newsletters to attract and engage clients.

Work Showcase: Spartan Training Security

Client: Spartan Training Security

Objective: Build a custom web design, create branding, assist with business card creation, and provide a cost-effective hosting solution. Enable user booking and payments online, and set up business email addresses.

Project Overview

Spartan Training Security approached Memphis Designs with a comprehensive set of needs for their new business. They required a custom website that not only represented their brand effectively but also provided functionalities for booking and payments. Additionally, they needed assistance with branding, business cards, and setting up professional email addresses.

Solutions Provided

1. Custom Web Design and Hosting:

  • Collaboration and Design: We began by understanding Spartan Training Security's vision and requirements. This involved several brainstorming sessions to capture their brand essence and functional needs.
  • Website Development: Designed a custom, professional, and user-friendly website. The site features intuitive navigation, modern aesthetics, and responsive design to ensure it looks great on all devices.
  • Hosting Solution: Provided a cost-effective hosting solution that ensures reliable performance and uptime, catering to their budget constraints.

2. Online Booking and Payment Integration:

  • Stripe Integration: Integrated Stripe to enable secure online payments. This allows clients to book and pay for services directly through the website.
  • Calendly Embedding: Embedded Calendly into the website to streamline the booking process. This integration allows users to view available slots and make appointments seamlessly.

3. Branding and Logo Design:

  • Logo Creation: Developed three unique logo options for Spartan Training Security. Each design was crafted to reflect their brand values and professional image.
  • Branding Guidelines: Established comprehensive branding guidelines to ensure consistency across all visual materials. This includes color schemes, typography, and logo usage.

4. Business Card Design:

  • Design Process: Created business cards that align with the new branding and logo. The design process involved multiple revisions to ensure the final product met the client’s expectations.
  • Print-Ready Files: Delivered print-ready files that Spartan Training Security could use to order high-quality business cards.

5. Email Setup:

  • Professional Email Addresses: Assisted in setting up business email addresses using their domain. This enhances professional communication and brand credibility.

Future Plans

Spartan Training Security plans to continue collaborating with Memphis Designs for their digital marketing needs. Our strategy includes:

  • Targeted Campaigns: Develop and execute targeted digital marketing campaigns to attract new clients and expand their reach.
  • Email Outreach: Implement an email outreach sequence to engage potential customers and nurture leads.
  • Newsletter Campaigns: Create and distribute newsletters to keep clients informed about new classes, services, and updates, thereby filling up their classes.

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