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Shane Martin - Land Agent

Shane Martin reached out to Memphis Designs for a professional website to showcase his land agent services with a touch of his love for hunting and the outdoors. We worked closely with Shane to create a custom, user-friendly site, scoring high in performance, accessibility, best practices, and SEO. Shane was thrilled with the results and our collaborative process.

Work Showcase: Your Land Agent

Objective: Build a website to showcase Shane Martin's profession as a land agent, optimize for performance and SEO, and reflect his interests and professional style with a focus on hunting and the outdoors.

Project Overview

Shane Martin approached Memphis Designs with a need for a professional website to showcase his services as a land agent. He wanted the website to reflect his passion for hunting and the outdoors. After discussing his interests and requirements, we decided on a clean, professional style that aligns with his vision, incorporating elements that convey a sense of the outdoors.

Solutions Provided

1. Custom Web Design:

  • Collaboration and Design: We started with an in-depth consultation to understand Shane's needs and preferences.
  • Website Development: Designed a custom website with a professional layout that is easy to navigate. The design emphasizes Shane's expertise and services, ensuring a user-friendly experience.
  • Chosen Style: The final design was based on the style shown in the provided image, featuring a clean, professional look with clear calls to action. The theme incorporated elements of hunting and the outdoors to resonate with Shane's target audience.

2. Optimization:

  • Performance: Optimized the website to achieve high performance scores.
  • Accessibility: Ensured the website is accessible to all users, scoring 90 in accessibility.
  • Best Practices: Implemented best practices for web development, achieving a perfect score.
  • SEO: Optimized the website for search engines, scoring 100 in SEO.

3. Testimonial:

"Robert is awesome to work with, very professional & knowledgeable. Highly recommend."
– Shane Martin, Your Land Agent


The new website features:

  • High Performance: A performance score of 97.
  • Accessibility: An accessibility score of 90.
  • Best Practices: A perfect score of 100.
  • SEO: A perfect score of 100.

These results ensure that the website is fast, accessible, and optimized for search engines, providing a seamless user experience.

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