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Milano's Pizza

Milano's Pizza reached out to us for a fresh menu design and a simplified customer ordering process. We created a visually appealing, easy-to-navigate menu and a digital TV menu solution. We loaded the TV menus onto USB drives and provided setup assistance. Milano's Pizza loved the new designs and praised our work. Check out their amazing new setup at Milano's Pizza.

Work Showcase: Milano's Pizza

Client: Milano's Pizza

Objective: Create a new menu design and simplify the customer selection process. Additionally, provide a solution for a TV menu display.

Project Overview

Milano's Pizza approached Memphis Designs with the need for a refreshed menu design and a simplified customer ordering process. They also required a TV menu solution to enhance the in-store customer experience.

Solutions Provided

1. Menu Design:

  • Consultation and Design: We worked closely with Milano's Pizza to understand their needs and preferences for the menu design.
  • New Menu Creation: Designed a new menu that is visually appealing and easy to navigate, improving the customer selection process.
  • Print-Ready Files: Provided print-ready files to ensure high-quality printed menus.

2. TV Menu Solution:

  • TV Menu Design: Created a digital menu design optimized for TV displays, ensuring clarity and visual appeal.
  • Setup Assistance: Loaded the digital menu files onto four USB drives and provided detailed instructions on how to set them up with the TV.
  • Support and Training: Offered support and training to ensure the client could easily manage and update the TV menu.


"They did our menu designs and our TV menus. They looked absolutely amazing and would highly recommend and suggest anyone looking for any design work done."
– Milano's Pizza


The new menu design and TV menu solution provided Milano's Pizza with a modern and efficient way to present their offerings. The simplified process has improved the customer experience, and the visual appeal has received positive feedback.

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For more information or to see the work we did, visit Milano's Pizza.

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