Midnight Iris Creative, LLC

Erica Ridge with Midnight Iris Creative, LLC collaborated with Memphis Designs for comprehensive branding services. We created a unique brand identity reflecting whimsical and gothic romanticism, developed a custom logo, designed business cards and letterhead, and produced social media templates. These efforts established a strong and cohesive brand presence for her handmade jewelry and home decor business.

Initial Contact and Discovery:

Erica Ridge reached out to Memphis Designs through our contact form, seeking branding assistance for her new handmade jewelry business, Midnight Iris Creative, LLC. The project aimed to create a brand identity that combined whimsical and gothic romanticism to reflect the unique style of her products.

Company Overview:

  • Company Name: Midnight Iris Creative, LLC
  • Description: Midnight Iris Creative, LLC is a handmade lifestyle brand that offers wearable art and home decor, combining whimsical elements with gothic romanticism. The products,
  • handcrafted from polymer clay, exhibit a unique style of sophistication for daily wear and use.
  • Target Audience: Women aged 25-50, middle class, with disposable income for fashion and home decor.
  • Products: Handmade polymer clay jewelry, hair accessories, and home decor.

Design and Development Phases:

Logo Design:

  1. We presented three initial logo designs for Erica’s review, incorporating her preferred elements and colors.

Feedback and Revisions: Erica selected the logo icon from the first design but requested a new font that was readable yet retained the angularity of the original design. We sourced a new font option that struck the right balance and made spacing adjustments based on her feedback.

Final Logo: The final logo featured the chosen icon and a newly selected font, with adjustments for spacing and punctuation to ensure clarity and elegance.

Business Cards and Letterhead:

  1. Created designs reflecting the brand’s aesthetic.
  2. Ensured all necessary information was included, such as contact details and social media handles.

Social Media Kit:

  1. Developed templates for Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.
  2. Aligned the designs with her themes and campaigns, focusing on creating engaging posts for giveaways, sales, and blogging.

Review and Feedback Iterations:

  • We made several rounds of revisions based on Erica’s feedback, ensuring the final designs met her expectations.
  • Adjustments included refining typography, adjusting spacing and punctuation, and confirming the originality of the logo icon.

End Product

Final Deliverables:

  • A unique and cohesive logo that incorporates the iris flower, celestial elements, and lace.
  • Business cards and letterhead designs reflecting the brand’s dark, whimsical, and elegant style.
  • Social media templates optimized for various platforms, designed to create a strong online presence and drive engagement.

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